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Who is Lily Lawson?

Updated: Mar 7

Lily Lawson is my pen name Lily is the name I was given by my best friend at school (who died some years ago) and Lawson is my Mam's maiden name. I am publishing as The Wright House (My Dad's name). The 22 is my Mam's birthday and was my Nana's door number. This is like having them all with me; my parents, my grandparents and one of the first supporters of my writing.

I was born in Richmond, North Yorkshire and have lived my whole life in Sunderland in the North East of England. I started writing at 11, making up poems, changing the words to songs and writing long and ridiculous letters to my friend Jo when we spent the school summer holidays apart.

Over the years I have started many a short story, wrote a lot of poems and even had a few published. This year I finally finished a short story for the first time and I am now hoping to get some together and make a collection - watch this space.

However, first things first, I hope to have my debut poetry collection self published soon and there may be more where that came from. I seem to have accidentally started to write a children's poetry book. I have been attempting to write a novel so that might actually go somewhere. I would love to write a non-fiction book, you never know.

When I am not writing or studying for my degree with the Open University I love to read. In my loft there are boxes of books that I have no room for elsewhere. In my old house I had bookshelves and it's my dream to have that one day again, (I have a shelf!) but it won't be in this house. The weight of the books threatened to bring the ceiling down on my head so I had to have a bit of a clear out and donated some to the local charity shop. My Kindle is one of my favourite things, at least with that I can have as many books as I like without worrying about space. However, sometimes I just can't resist a physical copy. These days if I buy one it's because I want to keep the book. The digital world is such a temporary place in some ways with its constant need to update and free up space I don't want to accidentally delete a book I care about.

I also love to communicate. The world of social media can be addictive with it's opportunities to engage with people all over the world 24 hours a day. I have made a lot of friends via the various sites who I would never have met otherwise, I have a lot to be thankful for. This place would have no guest bloggers if it wasn't for Facebook and Twitter.

I love music and have recently bought a guitar promising myself that I will take up where I left off at 11 and actually learn to play. I want to play the piano and the sax too but one thing at a time I think.

I have done a fair amount of jobs in clerical and retail mostly customer service but I am now a carer, in the beginning for my Mam and now for my Dad. Voluntarily I co-ran a kids club for over twenty years, served on a number of committees, helped with events including publicity, wrote a newsletter, led worship, done a bit of drama, a bit of face painting and a bit of puppetry. I am trained as a childrens' shoe fitter, a teaching and learning support assistant, and a manager of community and voluntary organisations. I have sold virtually everything bar cars and houses at one time or another. I have done so many courses that its a post in itself! In the things I have tried category I think that is probably also worth a post or maybe more than one.

I have IBS and anxiety which has been known to tip into depression. I have learnt a lot about myself and managing my symptoms through counselling, my own research and some wise people I have been lucky to come across and in some cases count as friends.

In my life I have met all sorts of people, I have been through some stuff and come out the other side but now finally I feel I am starting to feel like me. I have people in my life who accept me for me and that to me is priceless.