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What is this site?

Updated: Mar 7

Firstly, all the contributors on this site are women. You might not believe this but it was an accident. When I decided to set up this site I wanted it to be a place where I wanted to hang out and I hoped other people would want to hang out here too. I say I have communication addiction and more than one of my friends has said to me I should have a blog. I did try a few years ago but I didn't really put the work in to make it successful.

Like a lot of things, most of the new things and people in my life, this came, in a way from the Open University. The chain of events started with a leaflet in a magazine that I kept because I couldn't quite let go of the idea of doing a degree. I thought I wouldn't qualify. I have a lot of qualifications but they only go up to NVQ3. I was wrong, I thought it would be too expensive. I got a loan. I could study at home which worked out well as I am a carer.

Via a rather circuitous route I met a lot of people and some of them will be posting on here. Without the faith of a lot of people and their willingness to help me and teach me this website would not exist and neither would any of the things I am attempting to publish.I have been incredibly lucky. I always wanted to do a degree and here I am doing it. I always wanted to write and guess what? I am. I chanced my arm here and there and it paid off.

I have read blogs and I subscribe to some very good ones (you will meet some of the authors on here) but I knew for it to work for me I had to have company. So I decided to have a guest slot every month and a bit more on special occasions. I have some background support too from some writers and non-writers who I have run ideas by and will probably continue to do so. My cheer squad are invaluable. Some of them will get credited for their work, which I have unashamedly nicked (with their permission). Their wish not to write on here makes them no less valuable in my eyes. I am grateful for each and every one of them and feel lucky to have their support.

I have always wanted to run a magazine. The ones I have read (and I think I have read them all) don't really work for me apart from Psychologies. It was just a dream, I had no training and no real idea how to pull it off. What you are reading I am viewing as a magazine. All my contributors have free reign to say whatever they want and I am not editing anything, it comes to you as it comes to me. I trust them or they wouldn't be here. I have no idea what to expect so each post will be as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. I love it! I never thought I would be doing this, I just hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

So, in these pages there will be poetry, short stories, a bit of book blogging and promoting as well as the usual blog posts. We are making a big fuss of Christmas calling it the 22 days of Christmas. Why 22? You need to read Who is Lily Lawson? for that answer.

There is a running book list Lily Recommends listing some of the books I have read and think you will enjoy too (ok so hands up I know the folks that wrote them that doesn't detract from how good they are). Links are included so you can check them out for yourself. There is also a section about the contributors to this site with links to their pages in case you want to follow them too.

Have a look around. If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to get in touch. This is your site we are literally writing for you (ok and each other but you get what I mean). Hope you enjoy hanging out here. We only have virtual tea, coffee, and biscuits but you are welcome to help yourself.