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The Lily Recommends List

Updated: Jan 17

I love to read and sometimes a book speaks to me. I am sharing a list of the ones I have loved (with the authors permission).

The Blue Giant and The Branch Witch

I am going to take the first two together. They are by the same author Caroline Corpas Neale and illustrator Annie Corpas. They are beautifully written and illustrated children's books featuring best friends Maven and Perry. Both of them are about accepting people who we think of as different to us.

The Blue Giant is the first in the series. It illustrates the determination of the young friends to succeed with their plans to build a castle. This means being brave enough to face The Blue Giant. Will he stop them in their tracks?

The second book in the series is about friendship. It introduces the character of Yolena (The Branch Witch). The young friends are off on another adventure to find out if she really is a witch after Perry sees her in the woods. Is she?

Suitable for 3 to 8 year olds

If you want the answers the books are available on Kindle

The Blue Giant http://tiny.cc/v1l9ez

The Branch Witch http://tiny.cc/r6l9ez

to enjoy the illustrations and have the option of having your book dedicated and signed by the author please go to https://thewritingcat.net

where you can also order a picture box set of both books.

You can follow Caroline on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewritingcatccn

and Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/carolinecneale

and you can meet her here. Check the meet the contributors page as Caroline is one of my guest bloggers

Harvey and the MoonBus

You enter a land where you can visit the moon just like going on a day trip to the seaside. Meet Harvey and his friends on his first adventure with wishes and magic and lots more besides. Being on the moon is lots of fun. I would love to try the sweets and the Helter Skelter! Will they all get back in time for the Moonbus or will they end up stranded? I am not going to spoil it. A well written story from the imagination of Jill Stanton-Huxton with lovely illustrations by Emily Brady.

Suitable for 5 -7 year olds

Available in paperback https://tinyurl.com/wn4j27v


What happens when we die? Georgia Springate has captured the emotions of 14 year old Alex as he struggles to come to terms with his sister's cancer and tries desperately to find the answers. This is interwoven with the story of teenage love, dealing with the school bully and the various reactions of the family members to Jenna's situation. All of the characters are so well described I could imagine them as if they were in front of me. I wish I could have read it in one go but I got to savour it in small doses. A very well written book tackling sensitive issues with such care.

This is aimed at young adults available on Kindle at https://tinyurl.com/rprvy8v

and paperback at https://tinyurl.com/shwoost

Georgia's website is www.georgiaspringate.com

You can follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/GeorgiaSpring8

and you can meet her here. Check the meet the contributors page as Georgia is one of my guest bloggers.

Haven Wakes

Steve is an unlikely hero who goes on his own journey taking the reader with him. His Uncle Rex dies in mysterious circumstances leaving behind something known as the reactor. What is it? and what does it do? With his parents away, Steve becomes separated from the people he knows and enters the magical world of Darkacre. Each character you meet, you are wondering if they can be trusted, each part of the story leaves you wondering what will happen next and wanting to know NOW. Fi Phillips has a wonderful imagination and really knows how to engage the reader. This is a real page turner. Magic and Robots what more could you ask for? Meet Hartley and the Darkling and a host of interesting characters and find out about the mysterious reactor.

Paperback https://tinyurl.com/qmavlpf

Kindle https://tinyurl.com/s3yqueg

Fi's website is http://fiphillipswriter.com/

Find her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FiPhillipsWriter/

or follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/FisWritingHaven

and you can meet her here. Check the meet the contributors page as Fi is one of my guest bloggers.

A Week at Meredith's

Kate Brazier has tackled the concept of finding meaning in our lives in a relatable format. Exploring the themes of marriage, motherhood and friendship and reminding us that we don't really ever know people until we spend time with them. It shows what happens when those relationships are tested. This is a familiar genre for me but I like the unexpectedness of it. The debut novel of an accomplished writer who really knows how to tell a story.

Kindle https://tinyurl.com/vf98nox

Kate is one of my guest bloggers.

Across the Line

Sophie Monroe has a way of depicting characters and getting you to believe in them and root for them from the beginning. This being erotica there is that obvious element to it but there is also a story with each of the main characters having complexity and coming across as real people. Jo makes her own choices and Adam is not the typical alpha male so often found in romance novels. There are a few secrets hiding too. This is the first book in the series from a great writer. This book changed my mind about the genre maybe it will do the same for you.

Paperback https://tinyurl.com/voe92as

Kindle https://tinyurl.com/wgcevb2

Find Sophie on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sophieamonroe/

or follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/SophieAMonroe1