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  • Lily Lawson


Santa started Christmas early

As it was a busy time.

He ate up all the sweet mince pies

And drank up all the wine.

He had all the Christmas pudding

And all the Christmas cake.

He would have kept on going

But he couldn’t stay awake.

The cheeseboard was quite empty

By the time he got to lunch.

So he had to just have crackers

As he drank up all the punch.

The turkey and the stuffing

Well they went down a treat.

After all the roasties and the veg

His trousers didn’t meet.

He found the pigs in blankets

Went quite well with the sherry.

He didn’t know what happened

But he seemed to be quite merry.

Day three with just the chocolates

And the biscuits left to go.

He tried to get on with his sleigh

But his movements were quite slow.

Then the mulled wine revived him

So he could finish off.

He kept on going till he knew

There was nothing left to scoff.

He had a rest before departing

So, he could drive the sleigh.

He didn’t want a ticket

That wouldn’t be ok.

Santa’s feeling happy now

The presents are on time.

Everything is as it should be

He knew it would be fine.

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