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My UnLily Christmas

I love Christmas. The music, the carol singing, the mulled wine, the Christmas cake, the decorations. I love to read the Christmas stories. I don't even mind writing the cards and wrapping the presents (although my skill in that area could be better). Buying the presents is hard work. I love giving gifts and making people smile. I just worry they won't.

For me, gifts say something about the person, not about how much money you spend. It's about the fact that you have thought about that person and what they would like. So when it goes wrong it feels like the person doesn't know me or I don't know them.

This year Christmas will be different for us. My Mam died last week. My Mam was unique, she was kind, caring, funny, silly .... I could go on. She loved people and she loved Christmas. She loved presents and she always wanted to find the right thing to give someone. She gave her time and did a lot of 'love work' helping at the church with the events and the children. She loved children and they loved her. I was very lucky to have her as my Mam.

We have no decorations up, (not sure if we will at all), a mixture of Sympathy cards and Christmas cards sit in a pile, the cards I am sending may not get there in time and some of the presents aren't here yet, never mind being wrapped up. I have ordered the food today. My Christmas clothes that I usually wear all December ( I have a collection) have barely seen the light of day. I don't want to watch Christmas movies yet, which is in contrast to the movie marathon I usually do. I have played some Christmas music, just not every day. I am normally addicted - one year I tried to get right through the year with a Christmas song a day. I think I got halfway. I was going to try again, maybe another year.

My gifts this year will not be surprises on Christmas morning. My gifts are the kindness I have been shown , the love I have been sent, the hugs (real and virtual) I have been given, the words in many formats, the time I have been given by others.

When you wake up on Christmas morning and you unwrap what Santa left you, remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. The best presents in our lives come dressed in clothes, not wrapped in paper. They are often the real surprises. In the past year I have been spoilt rotten with all the friendships I have made. I cherish each and every one. I wish them all the best Christmas ever or the best that their circumstances allow.

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