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Music was my first love ....

It's time for another random selection of songs from my collection. I thought I might share a few from my past

That's all - Genesis - my favourite track from the first Now album


In the air tonight - Phil Collins - for a long time my Christmas wish list had a Phil Collins album on it. It had to be this track for the drum solo


Come Back and Stay - Paul Young - the guy on my wall along with James Dean (who wasn't much of a singer) finally saw him in concert at Newcastle City Hall several years later


Simply the Best - Tina Turner - I think this was my first concert, I know it was Gateshead Stadium, there is nothing like live music


Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves This is one of my all time favourite songs I could never sit still when this came on


Right by your side - The Eurythmics because I like to go for the less obvious sometimes. When everyone loves the star I am watching the co-star usually


Perfect day - Lou Reed - I have had various jobs but this song I particularly associate with the end of the day in a particular shop I worked in , it always seemed to be playing when were closing up


Don't stop believing - Journey the song I most associate with my time in choir (don't worry no singing on this site - well not by me anyway!)


Don't stop me now- Queen - the first time I got drunk at 13 the Greatest hits album was playing and this is my favourite track


Bad connection- Yazoo - I am old enough to remember life before mobile phones and I jut love Alison Moyet's voice, this takes me back to Saturday afternoons upstairs in a fish and chip shop when I was 14/15 sitting round tables, pooling money, sharing food and drink, seeing how long we could stay there


I don't feel like dancing - Scissor Sisters - this reminds me of a department store I worked at, when this came on, those if us in our little section of the floor would sing along


Roll with it - Oasis - the title is just good advice. In the Oasis/Blur thing I was, as is common for me, on both sides. This is one of my favourites of theirs.