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  • Lily Lawson

Game Over

You won't destroy me,

you will hurt me,

if Iet you,

so I have to keep you out,

away from me.

I have to keep my barriers manned,

patrolled, no chance of sleep,

because you sense every weakness,

you highlight it, and expose it,

you thrill in making me look bad,

and then you gather up support,

till I am left to defend myself, alone.

I walk away,

they come after me,

not to console me

but to rip into me,

telling me to apologise,

to you!

No matter what

you play the victim,

taking no account

of the situation,

no room for compassion,

no possibility

that you are wrong.

I am leaving the game,

it's over now,

I only played

because I had to,

I don't have to

any more.