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From my notes

Updated: Mar 6

It's funny where inspiration comes from. The short answer for me is anywhere and everywhere. When I was thinking about what to write today I kept thinking of a question I was asked on Twitter. The range of questions is so vast and that appeals to my brain which is given to going off on tangents anyway. In this case it was asking about my favourite song (its Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves).

One of my poetic influences is music. I grew up in a house where the day began with Terry Wogan on Radio 2 and housework was done to music in vinyl, cassette and later Cd format.

I love music, all sorts of music, anything and everything. Sometimes my poems start as songs or I give them tunes that I make-up myself. I can't say compose because I have no means of transposing the notes onto paper, I simply do not have the skills to do that. I can't play an instrument much as I would love to. I recently bought a guitar which I plan to learn how to play. In an ideal world I would play the piano and the sax as well. Maybe one day when I have the space to store them and the time to learn I will.

I wrote this poem about a year ago on a course I was taking at the time. I believe the prompt was to write a love poem. I used this to go off in my own direction, not having a love interest in mind that I wanted to write a poem about. I have three non -human loves in my life writing, books and music. This is my version of thank you for the music I suppose.

A chance to dance

I can’t remember life without you, I know you’ll never leave. You celebrate my happiness and help me when I grieve. You sometimes reach into my soul and make me want to cry. I know I can return to you until the day I die. You cheer me up, you speak to me, you make me want to dance. I love you for eternity, I’m just glad I got the chance!