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  • Cin McGuigan

Christmas List for Santa

All I want for Christmas is a toy-boy

Six feet tall with eyes of brown or grey

Yes all I want dear Santa is a boy toy

Unwrapped so I can try him right away

Now Santa let’s be honest, I’m not fussy

As long as he’s eighteen I ‘m sure I’ll cope

Hell, no-one called Disraeli’s wife a hussy

So how about it Santa any hope?

Just let me give your reindeers a description

He should be tanned and slim and fit and fair

A pity you can’t get them on prescription

Cos then I’d order two and keep a spare.

So Santa, here’s your mince pie and your brandy

One thing before I go - oh silly me

At the risk of sounding positively randy

To turn one on where do you put the key?

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