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  • Suzanne Louise

A Winter Run

This is a poem inspired by the winter blues and finding ways to deal with them. Running is good for the mind and body, so I've combined this notion with a natural setting. Running towards the lights of home, and freedom from stress so often felt around Christmas time. The most important light is that which we feel inside...

Running down through the forest silhouetted black, against the

burnished gold of a low winter sunset.

My feet skimming a soft carpet

of scented pine needles drifting

from a thousand trees.

Down and down through gathering

dusk, and soft night sounds,

wildlife breaks from the secret

places. Bats swooping low, brushing

my hair, a fox slipping silently

across my path, pausing for a heartbeat

his sharp-nosed head following my scent.

I breathe in the freedom that running

brings, tension releases like vapour

in the crisp clean air. Making it

easy on the downhill stretch, flying

through the twilight; stress, what stress?

The clear tones of choristers begin

to drift up from the village, with it's

windows decked in twinkling bulbs

shining brightly like the great North Star.

Christmas light is what I feel inside,

I see it with my soul, returning home with pride.

Suzanne Louise - 2019 l